Rita: the Unhappy Button Child

Didn't take too long to make, and I'm quite pleased with it. I need to take into account stitching techniques ready for the next one, and take care to avoid getting hot glue all over my fingers... because it hurts like a bitch.

I followed this tutorial http://lori-la-tortuga.deviantart.com/art/CHIBI-PLUSH-TUTORIAL-101728424

On a different subject, I'm extremely relieved that the first year of university is pretty much over, not only because I now have spare time to just flop about like a potatoe, but it means that hopefully there will be some sort of a step-up in how the course runs. I feel that the first year was a bit of an unorganized mess, and a waste of most of the money spent on it, but fingers crossed that the second year is where it's at.