The Alternative (lines)

Another Resident Evil fanart, this time from the first game. The idea for this is that an alternate set of events happen during the mansion incident; Brad gets caught up in it, Joseph doesn't die at the start, annnnnd Wesker isn't a complete dick and has grown to like his team over the time he's been with them, thus he actually cares enough that he doesn't particularly want any of them dying.

Annnnnyway, I'm sorta writing a fanfic, which this illustration accompanies. Joseph looks a little too much like Carlos, but this is how I imagine him to look without the bandanna (which is wrapped around Brad's wrist).

Really though, this was all an elaborate excuse to draw my lovely little bit-part Chicken-heart.

I'll eventually get around to colouring these images.

Forbidden Planet robs me of money...

OK, so I made a little vow to myself today, a vow to keep my money in my pocket. I took a lot more than I needed with me to uni today, since I have this weird paranoia over having just enough as opposed to more than enough. I had no intention of buying anything, so I have no idea why I decided to torture myself by going into Forbidden Planet (I've yet to come out of that place empty handed). But I went inside anyway, telling myself that should I buy something, it's a deserving reward for getting up so early and having to lug all my projects back with me.

I ended up getting a really sweet little book by illustrator James Jean, whom I recognize in passing, but had never really looked too much into him. The book is just made up of illustrated postcards, it's so so nice. Wasn't too expensive either. I was happy to leave the shop with just that, but then I saw the most adorable Joker plushie ever. People who know me know how much I love the Joker, so I had to have that too.

I would have bought more, but train and bus fares are extortionate. £10 for a crappy ticket before 9:00AM, I used it twice. TEN POUNDS! I haven't felt this indignant over the price of something since buying the collector's edition of Fallout: New Vegas. On top of that, the train costs twelve. That cash could have been used to fuel my fangirly obsessions.

Here are a few pictures of the purchases. Because I'm a sad little otaku and want to gush and show them off XD

Follow the Leader (lines)

If Resident Evil 2 were like Dead Rising, I'd make my first objective be all about saving Ben, 'cause he was awesome.

Not sure when I'll colour this since I want to become a lot more productive in the actual illustrating side, so maybe I'll reserve finishing stuff to weekends, and use the weekdays to produce the work.

Little bit of trivia for this piece, it started out as a Leon & Salazar piece, with piggyback good times. Didn't work XD

Yeah, so, so, if you were involved in a zombie outbreak, you would totally stick together, so this is where the idea came from. Dead Rising was a little afterthought.

Gah! Need to be more active!

I love blogs, I really really do, and it sucks that I've been such a pissant with my own. From now on I'm going to be more active with this. I have a few new things to post, but I'm aiming to turn this into something of a dumping ground for trying to better my current illustrative skills. Which means I intend to do quite a lot of studies, and not so many finished pieces. Need to get a better grasp of anatomy and digital painting.

For now though, here's some new(ish) work...