Forbidden Planet robs me of money...

OK, so I made a little vow to myself today, a vow to keep my money in my pocket. I took a lot more than I needed with me to uni today, since I have this weird paranoia over having just enough as opposed to more than enough. I had no intention of buying anything, so I have no idea why I decided to torture myself by going into Forbidden Planet (I've yet to come out of that place empty handed). But I went inside anyway, telling myself that should I buy something, it's a deserving reward for getting up so early and having to lug all my projects back with me.

I ended up getting a really sweet little book by illustrator James Jean, whom I recognize in passing, but had never really looked too much into him. The book is just made up of illustrated postcards, it's so so nice. Wasn't too expensive either. I was happy to leave the shop with just that, but then I saw the most adorable Joker plushie ever. People who know me know how much I love the Joker, so I had to have that too.

I would have bought more, but train and bus fares are extortionate. £10 for a crappy ticket before 9:00AM, I used it twice. TEN POUNDS! I haven't felt this indignant over the price of something since buying the collector's edition of Fallout: New Vegas. On top of that, the train costs twelve. That cash could have been used to fuel my fangirly obsessions.

Here are a few pictures of the purchases. Because I'm a sad little otaku and want to gush and show them off XD