New... again

Well, I lost the details to my other (new) account so I decided to start another, heh. I guess I should post a few images that I'm working on for a series of comics and possibly novels, called Alex in Merveilles. None of them are finished yet, but I've always been interested to see the process of an person's illustrations, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Well, the idea for the story is very much inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and involves a kid with a huuuge head looking for his dead brother in the Realm of the Imagination (yeah, South Park gave me that idea, I can't lie). And along the way he encounters some very odd people, including a sane Hatter and his rabbit-girl minder, and the Sisters of Fate, who seem determined to rope him in as the world's hero. Um... yeah, I'll not say anymore, heh.